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“From the very first moment the warmth of touch from Marla’s gifted hands I knew this would be an incredible journey for me. It is difficult to put into words the emotions and therapeutic charge her treatments have inspired deep within me. The energy flows amazingly. As a breast cancer survivor I can attest to the fact that her work has allowed me more feeling and movement where there once was none. There is a great connection spiritually and on a human level, both Marla’s energy and laughter are very healing. I would highly recommend Adventure Within it is a gift you give yourself. ”
Katy Veadov, Teacher Special Ed.

“I have been experiencing the most amazing energy and spirit...It is out of this world. Even thou we had our talk on the table I was able to continue to release all unnecessary negative energy. You are a gift from the universe.”
Raul Camacho, Telemundo Television

“Marla's innate and exceptional gift as a healer, is also greatly enhanced by her depth-of-spirit and genuine caring. When she heard Mom was rushed to the hospital waiting possible leg amputation because of a blockage, Marla insisted she get to Mom's bedside immediately to try to get the energy circulating and flowing. She rearranged her schedule, then worked tirelessly on Mom for many hours and over several days. The nurses/Dr were astounded to discover that Mom's lower leg and ankle (with no previous pulse) was beginning to get color back and become warm again. As an intuitive advisor, I know Marla's compassion, caring and profound healing abilities can create miracles!!! She truly is a gifted, supportive, inspiring angel here on earth, and my family and I feel so blessed to have made this connection. ”
Patrice Cole, Intuitive Advisor, Radio/Television Personality

“ I just spent some time looking at every page of your website, then decided to listen to the guided meditation. I was hesitant at first as I have so much to do, it feels selfish to sit here for 5 minutes and relax. Well it turned out to be one of the best 5 mins I've had in a long time. I am still reeling at its impact... it was so unexpected. I have never meditated before. By the time it was over I was weeping in my chair...and did so for a few minutes. I have not stopped to just "feel joy" in so long. My life is just so overwhelmingly busy. By the time I hugged the tree and felt the warm sunshine on me standing there in your meditation, I was smiling and crying. It felt so wonderful. I thank you for your wonderful gifts.”
Michael Wallot, Actor/Director

“My Guardian Angel is my neighbor. Marla literarily saved my life. My cat had bitten my leg and punctured a vein. After losing lots of blood at 4:30 A.M I called her and she was there without any hesitation. She stopped the bleeding and saved me a trip to the emergency room. She would not leave me until she knew I was stable and suggested having it checked out. On another occasion after the doctor had given up on a deep infected open wound closing and said I would need plastic surgery, Marla used her healing hands and worked in conjunction with an antibiotic cream diligently and was able to speed up the healing process and to the doctors surprise the wound was able to close up on it’s own. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Norma Pattavina Cook, Interior Designer

“Marla Phillips is a gifted healer. I have known her for over 20 years, and since that time, she has been a key element in my health and well being. Her natural talents in conjunction with her extensive training make her an asset to the healthcare community. The results I have received from her work are truly amazing. I personally have many serious health issues due to being a DES daughter (Diethylstilbestrol exposed inutero) and her work has positively affected my health is so many areas, including body mind and Spirit”
Patti Negri, Executive Producer, Brain Brew Entertainment

“I recommend Marla to anyone who might be in pain and considering therapeutic hands on touch. I was hurting deeply because of a herniated and posteriorly subluxed disc I had from a car accident. Marla sat behind me and without hesitation placed her hand on the exact spot. Marla's hands were warm and soon the area around my thoracic-lumbar boundary was suffused with what seemed to be pleasant tingly and liquid sensations. I realized that she only had two fingers on the vertebra, but there was spreading warmth both superficially and going internally to my spine. The sensations had built to some higher levels of heat and I began to realize that this woman had a gift for energetic transfer. In a matter of minutes, I felt my vertebra slide into place and the pain ceased. She has multiple gifts and one of her most subtle gifts is her hands. Mahalo Marla. I look forward to the next time I can get some time with her smile and her hands."
Robert Kinslow, Associate Producer, The Calling

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