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As National Spokesperson for The Children’s Health Education Foundation of Touro College, a non-profit cause close to my heart, I recently completed writing, producing and lending my voice for a nationwide public service announcement campaign. These PSAs are being nationally distributed and can also be adapted for your website.

The Children’s Health Education Foundation of Touro College in New York City, is helping American educators and families understand the biological, psychological and social implications of obesity in children. The Foundation endeavors to guide children's behavior toward a life of physical and mental well-being.

Touro College has joined forces with Dr. Mehmet Oz of Columbia University/Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in a joint public health education mission aimed at school-age children called Health Corps.

Recent college graduates are paid a stipend and given an educational certificate for dedicating two years of services to their country via Health Corp. Pre-service trained Heath Corps volunteers work in schools to promote the concept of holistic health, making use of a number of partnerships (community-parents-teachers). Health Corps addresses nutrition, substance abuse, sexuality, mental health, safety and exercise.

To learn more about the problem, solution, prevention, education & certification go to:

If you would like to help by airing our Public Service Announcements please contact us at:

To hear the Public Service Campaign visit THE VOCAL NEWS

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