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Within Character is a meditative adventure designed specifically for actors. This unique guided journey explores the inner workings and psychological nature of a character you are portraying. By the end of the meditation, you will have a multi-dimensional understanding of your character. Guided meditation is not only fun, it is a powerful tool for releasing your imagination and deepening the mind/body connection. Best of all, you can take this intimate journey with any character at any time when you ‘Adventure Within.’

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A Note from Marla

This meditation was inspired by the wonderful teachers that showed up for me – with special thanks to Ellen Burstyn – and my father, Irving Phillips, who introduced me to the theatre at a very early age. My childhood was spent watching great performances on and off the Broadway stages. I clearly remember standing front and center of the Broadhurst Theatre in New York looking out at empty seats before a performance one night. I could feel the presence of all the actors who had come before. As I looked out at the empty house and said to myself, “This theatre isn’t so big. I could do this.” Now it is your turn. Lights down. Cue sound. Enjoy the adventure!

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