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When I first dreamed of becoming an actress at age five, I liked the idea of dressing up. At age eleven, I longed to be an actress to become someone else and step inside their shoes. When I began my craft as an actress, the first thing I had to do was get in touch with who I was. What made me tick? I explored my thought process, my emotions, how I walked and how I talked. I had to Know Thyself before transforming into another.

When I began my journey as an Energy Healer in 1989, I realized how my self-exploration and training as an actress had led me to recognize and focus on energy healing. My body, already trained as an instrument, was a prerequisite for the adaptation of working with the subtle energies of Vibrational Energy Medicine.

I was blessed to have Reverend Rosalyn Bruyere as my teacher and mentor. The Healing Light Center Church in Sierra Madre, CA, is where I was ordained as a Minister of Healing by Revered Bruyere and received a Bachelor’s degree in the Natural Theology of Sacred Healing. Additional training in the healing arts included The Thomas Institute of Metaphysics, Hermetic Teachings, Theta DNA Training, Scalar Waves and Xiang Gong.

As my personal journey evolved, Adventure Within was born. As a practitioner of Laying on of Hands, I know that I am here to assist in the process of healing. We live in such a fast-paced time that too many people are literally “running on empty.” I am seeing more and more ailments related to major health issues in the work place. I share practical tools with my clients for meeting these daily challenges. We all need a healing touch and support system. I will be your personal trainer for transforming mind, body and spirit. I invite you to begin your own personal journey back to your authentic self.

Walk in Balance,

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